Oops, I did too much again…

I’m a doer. I want to get things done. I also don’t listen to my body sometimes. I’ve got Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, have had so since I was 16, Dr. diagnosed. But, like I said I’m a get-er-dun kind of a woman.

I had a great workout with one of  yoga with adriene’s  YouTube videos 4 days ago. It stretched and toned just the way I wanted to. Well, I can only workout every other day with my CFS. I loved the workout so much I duplicated it day before yesterday. Then. That. I knew during I should have rotated to a different video. It pushed me painfully. That is when I should have not done anything else physical the rest of the weekend. Yeah, whateva.

The sun was out, so I’m out. The flower bed in the backyard NEEDED a spring refreshing. Just a couple of new plants, I said. Just pop ’em right in where the old plants were, I declared. NO time at all, I affirmed.

Off I went to Lowe’s. Got new plants. And, proceeded to plant them in the afternoon heat, bending, squatting, leaning over. Just like I shouldn’t be doing.


Here are the final results though!

So, let’s talk about CFS. What I’ve learned on my own through trial and error, or sometimes a Dr. has thrown me a tidbit to help.

It never goes away. It gets better if you use sheer determination to not let it stop you from living your life. I decided a long time ago, after much self pity and “woe is me” drama, that I wanted something more than that. I also had a lot of anger over control the CFS had over me as well.

I decided to always get up, and keep trying. I discovered laughter really does help, especially if you look to others, and don’t dwell on your own issues. Sleep. Can’t say enough about getting the best sleep possible. I got bought myself those squishy ear plugs, and my sleep has gotten a million times better. Get the right amount of sun, but not too much. Sun and heat can be major CFS triggers. Food. Don’t eat crap. Find what your body needs, and treat it well. Mine finally decided to give up on dairy, soy, sugar, grains, and most starches altogether. Whatever. I accepted that, and slowly my IBS that likes to tag along with CFS is getting better. Alcohol. Sorry peeps, alcohol is truly evil. I partake from time-to-time, and ALWAYS wish I hadn’t. A moment on the lips, is 3-5 days of pure recovery. Ibuprofen, or Tylenol. I try to not take too often, but when you need it you need it. Caffeine. Same applies to caffeine as it does to exercise. Not too much. Regular. And, if it makes you flare, back off. Or, just don’t drink it at all. Oh, that goes for chocolate too. Boooooooo! I LOVE chocolate, but if I have it more than one day ever consecutively I get a migraine. Migraines. Yup, these are part of the CFS package too. Gee, aren’t you lucky? Well, find your migraine triggers, and avoid. Acupuncture and quitting all sugar and starches except occasional potato, yam, or sweet potato helped mine mainly disappear. STRESS. Do I need to say anything about stress? Just don’t. Quit all things that cause you stress, or walk away, decompress, get a massage, do yoga, go on a hike, find a yurt in Uzbekistan in the tundra, and move there. With no one else.


There are many more symptoms, I could go on and on…but, these are the most common. If you have questions please feel free to message me privately. I love helping others! For now, I hope the cheezy image above stays with you…for now I am like image #3….recouping, and resting.

Good day to you my friends! Breathe in the good, let go of the bad.


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