Gray is the new blonde they say…

I’m 47 going on 48 here in a few months. At what age do you just make the jump, and let your hair age gracefully? I’ve asked this question for about 5 years now as my natural hair gradually began to gray in places, then transition to completely white in the front and sides.

I used to dye my hair dark brunettes, mahogany, deep reds…occasionally going to blonde, but never blonde for long. Then I got pregnant with my daughter at age 39, having her right before I turned 40. The grays were just beginning to pop. I kept using the excuse that I couldn’t, daren’t let my hair go gray with such a young child. But, then she was turning 3-4-5-6….She’s going to be 8 in April.

So, at what point can you just say “okay.” And, be done with keeping up with the dye, or the bleach, or the highlights? At what point do you stop making excuses for your age? I know some women continue covering their grays until…well, forever. Frankly, I’m tired of hiding my age, and natural beauty.

Many cultures view gray hair and wrinkles as something to revere and celebrate. I choose to see my ageing attributes as just that. A celebration! I mean, come on! Look at these gorgeous women who have embraced the gray, and still rock on with fashion, sass, and inner fire.

Today I am letting my hair go. I am letting go of the notion that I am holding onto something  else…something else that will remain stalled forever if I I cover it up: Time. My time. As if my time won’t continue to march on whether I cling to it tightly, or just set it free, and enjoy every day.

Peace to you my friends –

Here’s to going gray…it will be a drag for a while, but eventually, you will see me au natural!


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