Whole30 – Let’s Talk About This

Apparently whomever wrote this article did not do their homework very well. Or, perhaps didn’t ask the right questions when they wrote Whole30 Is Actually the Worst Diet You Could Do. I was put on this diet, not for weight loss, but for health reasons. Severe IBS. Which included constipation, severe pain, ongoing bloating, sugar cravings, and just general desire to never eat again because everything was making me feel awful. I had been on the Mediterranean Diet for over 2 years. In theory the Mediterranean is awesome. It’s a healthy, eat from the land, drink and be merry kind of a diet. Unless you have health issues such as IBS, any form of IBD, Perimenopause, thyroid issues…basically any kind of disorder that disrupts the digestive system. I have to date also tried Atkins, Paleo, the Zone, North Beach, and then just plain “not giving a rat’s bum,” and just eating whatever because they all made me feel like crap.

You see, the problem isn’t the veggies, or the fruit, or the fat, or the RIGHT KIND OF PROTEIN. Insert “Duh” here. Yes, the questions I’m talking about that the author of the article, Whole30 is Actually the Worst Diet You Could Do, are these: Do you have health issues that lead to grains and starches, and, is the protein you put in your diet healthy the majority of the time? 

My going on the Whole30 was actually doctor prescribed. Even furthered by temporarily adding low FODMAP to that. Talk about stringent! The Whole30 had not only been researched my doctor, she had been on it herself for over 6 months, and said she was never going back. Because…..like me she had IBS, Perimenopause, and hypoglycemia. All of which had gotten so much better off of starches except small amounts of occasional potato, sweet potato, or yams.

Let me ask you this: Are you bloated forever no matter what you do, take supplements for, digestive enzymes, stand on your head with one hand raised, or just plain ol’ eat? If you are then perhaps there is something to this. If you look into the low FODMAP diet which was researched and developed first by Monash University, then researched again by Stanford University,  and given a big 2 thumbs up for reducing digestive fermentation producing foods that cause bloat and slow digestion. Whole 30 basically simplifies the very detailed FODMAP list just shy of not going as far as removing all nightshade foods, or certain fruits or veggies. Think of Whole30 as your graduating diet after you’ve after being on the low FODMAP for a while, and figured out which are your trigger foods to eliminate forever.

Keeping in mind that the Whole30 was designed as an induction diet for weight loss also, it’s up to you to continue eating on the plan after the first 30 days. It is plainly explained on the Whole30 website: Give them 30 days. After that you make the rules. Continue the program if you choose…go 60 days…go 90….go forever. Or don’t.  Continue your life as before, or segue to a diet plan less stringent that fits your lifestyle or goal.

Now, about those good vs.bad proteins that get bashed every time a new low carb diet seems to come out. Dear God, does no one remember the teeth gnashing, and media bashing the Atkins Diet got when it came out? Wholly Toledo! But, people! Use your common sense. If you are eating nothing but bacon, burgers, red meat, processed proteins then, yes, the nutritional value of this meal will suck dust balls for the longevity of your health! Gaaaah! Now, I can’t touch soy with a 50 foot pole, so eating tofu, or anything like that goes out the window for me personally. But, other people can. You can also choose organic proteins, choosing poultry and pork, with occasional red meat when you can’t live without it. Just like any other normal food eating person. AND, to top that off this meal revolves more around fresh veggies and fruit, good fats, and again, eating from the land.

Here’s my take on the Whole30 after 45 days: I am happier and healthier than I’ve ever been on ANY OTHER NUTRITIONAL DIETARY PLAN OUT THERE. My IBS has gotten sooooooooo much better. My bloating, after 47 long years, is finally dissipating. My Perimenopausal symptoms are decreasing. My sugar and starch cravings have stopped. Let me STOP right here for a sec. That is HUGE for me. My whole life I’ve been a closet sugar/carb binge eater. To the point of bulimia. Truly. It has been an actual anxiety disorder causing problem for me. Sugar, carbs, food in general have been the biggest evil in my life. GONE. I have no desire for them anymore. In fact, for the first time in my life I – A) do not care when they are around, B) do not really want them, and C) feel yucky if I do have a small amount. I am elated, elated elated! I feel freed as if from slavery!

Does this all seem way too fantastical to be freaking true? Is the Whole30 the answer to all of life’s burning problems? No, it is not. But, before you go bashing it just ask someone who’s life it has changed for the good. People may read your article and pass up on something that could have helped them too.


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