About those lemons…

Me: Well, I’m 47, and that gives life a lot of time for fun things like health issues to come sauntering in. I’m gonna make a list for you, and the reason being is that the purpose of my being here, in this blog, is to document my journey to overcome a lot. With a lot of laughter, or so I’ve learned.

I’m a walking list of medical acronyms BTW. I’ve got fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I also get hypoglycemia if I don’t eat right.  Speaking of eating I’ve got IBS, and after 40 years of searching a GI specialist finally got it right.  And, now I get to eat forever the Whole30 plus the low FODMAP diet. I also have an anxiety disorder which is maintained by Pfizer, or I’ve of those big name pharmaceutical companies. I’m OCD which I’m okay with, and Peri menopausal, which I’m not. I’m also extremely outgoing, sarcastic, and I cuss a lot. I like animals. Stupid things that make you laugh.  Oh, and sometimes I read inspirational stuff, because. I. Need. Inspiration. I do yoga. And, I’m a mom….hence also the need for yoga and inspirational things like a nice glass of white wine….

My promise to you: I promise this blog is here to be cathartic for me, and hopefully shed light or share inspiration for you. I promise to use “better” words besides cussing…I’m a work-in-progress, but, aren’t we all? I promise this journey and opinions are mine, and mine alone.